The Dangerous Days of Daniel X - James Patterson, Michael Ledwidge Well ... honestly, I don't know what to say. After being terribly disappointed by the fourth Maximum Ride installment, I picked this one up in the hopes that maybe Patterson would start off a series that was just as good ... that maybe had the potential not to get ruined as MR did. Unfortunately, I don't really see this series going anywhere. I swear this book was one of the worst I have read in my entire life, and frankly I wouldn't be surprised if it was secretly written by a twelve-year-old. The whole plot was very messy and confusing; the twists were either really predictable or made me roll my eyes at how lame they were. Plus the whole thing has so many random pop culture references that it will probably make absolutely no sense to any kid who reads it in like two years.Obviously, Patterson was trying to appeal to the same audience of Maximum Ride readers with the whole fast-paced plot and sarcastic tone kind of thing. But really, Max is a much stronger character than Daniel and her Flock is more lovable than Daniel's group of creepy dead imaginary friends following him around.The sad thing is, I think this book had potential. The premise was interesting, but obviously it didn't get much outlining or development before it was carelessly barfed out onto paper. Daniel really could have been a much more interesting character; I mean, there's something dark and depressing about his whole life story that could have been more exaggerated to make the reader actually realize that he was a person -- okay well actually an alien with feelings but whatever. You get what I mean.So over all, I was disappointed. Not that it makes much of a difference. Because if James Patterson's name is smacked onto the cover of a book A) it's guaranteed to get published, no matter how stupid it is, and B) everyone will read it. Figures. Not that I don't like meaningless crap, because I do; I mean come on -- Maximum Ride is amazing for the first two books.But ANYWAY -- unless you're interested in reading this cheap, thoughtless, blood-and-guts, explosions, talking elephants (not kidding) kind of stuff -- trust me. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME OR YOUR BRAIN CELLS.