Snow White Blood Red (The Grimm Diaries Prequels, #1) - Cameron Jace You can also read this review on Flying Kick-a-pow! Reviews.It's unknown to the common human being that most of the characters in fairy tales are real immortals living among us. Some of them know who they are and some of the don't. Living too long can make you forget who you really are and what you were meant to be. They lived before you were born, and will continue to live after you die. That is why they are carved in the inner skeletons of your soul like a birthmark. The fact that you have been introduced to them in books does not mean they didn't exist in your dreams since long ago.Summary:The Grimm Diaries Prequels is a series of short stories building up to the series The Grimm Diaries, and they are written in diary-entry format from the point of view of fairytale characters. The first in this series of stories is Snow White Blood Red, narrated by the Snow White Queen (Snow White's evil (?) mother), telling the fairytale from her own point of view. …Oh yeah, also Snow White is a vampire. Well. Okay.My thoughts:A friend recommended this to me a while ago, and I finally got around to reading it. Usually she and I like similar stuff––particularly things involving fairytales/mythology/etc. So when she told me about it, I thought it sounded cool. Fairytales with a vampire twist? Sounded like it could be really crazy and awesome.Unfortunately, this story really didn't work for me. I liked some of the ideas in it, but I felt like the fairytale aspect and vampire aspect were tied very poorly together, and … to be frank, I hated the writing.What I liked:- To be honest, not much. But as I said, I did like some of the ideas the story involved. The cross between fairytales and vampires could have worked well. I mean, it's not that implausible for Snow White to be portrayed as a vampire––snow white skin and all. Makes sense, I guess … ? I … don't know.I also liked the idea of the Grimm brothers actually being friends with the fairytale characters they were writing about, and the fairytale characters being immortal beings, etc. It wasn't really fleshed-out enough, but it was still an interesting concept.What didn't work for me:- I could see that the author was trying to incorporate research about fairytales, which was great and all, but it could come off as sounding like a textbook. For example:If I were not her mother, why do you think the Brothers Grimm altered the version of the tale between 1812 and 1857? In the first version of the so-called fairy tale, they addressed me as her mother, but fifty-five years later, the two German brothers changed my character to a stepmother.And …Did you know that the scene where I transform into that ugly witch was based on Nosferatu, the oldest vampire in German cinema?Just … who writes a diary entry like that?- Speaking of the whole diary entry thing, the format didn't make sense to me. Throughout the whole thing, the queen was writing this story like she was trying to convince people that Snow White is the evil one. But if she's trying to convince people of this, why would she be writing it in a private diary? Wouldn't she be expecting people not to read it––and therefore it would be rather pointless to write something of a persuading nature?- The vampire aspect didn't work for me. I was unclear on why Snow White was even a vampire in the first place. On top of that, it just felt out of place and like it was forced into the story to make it … more marketable? More interesting? Who knows. It just felt random.- The writing. Dear lord. It was just … not good. -- First of all, even in the parts of the story that were supposed to take place in medieval times or whatever, the dialogue felt a little too modern. The characters would say things like "wow" and "okay" and it just felt strange and out of place. I don't know if this was intentional or not, but it didn't really work for me.-- There were a lot of parts that just didn't make any sense:"You could have just buried it with you to the grave."Huh? Maybe that was supposed to be "carried it with you to the grave"? "Things altered are harder to bring back to its normal source, because in the mind of generations who have inherited the idea and passed it from one to another, they will refuse to believe otherwise." It was not in her intentions to hurt me. She did love me as much as I did.So … do you mean she loved you as much as you love yourself? Or as much as you love her? … As the mirror started reflected [sic] my beautiful face, glinting with hue [sic] of shiny gold.Your face was glinting with a hue of shiny gold? As I stepped outside, snow fell upon me, splashing onto my face and my cheeks, tasting of cherry, apples, and every other red fruit or vegetable.… Okay then.-- Pretty much all of the dialogue was punctuated incorrectly. Aggh. I don't understand why so many writers seem to have never learned about this. -- The run-on sentences. So many of them. And man, they were bad.- I was sitting in my bed in my royal chamber in the castle we call the Schloss at the top of a hill overlooking the Kingdom of Sorrow, the kingdom of which I was its queen and she was to become the most beautiful princess.- Peasants went broke for they could not seed the earth, and animals were no longer to be found. All except of the crows, of course, those damn crows pecking each other out of hunger, fluttering high in the bruise-colored sky as their blood splattered all over the snow like red rain next to the black corpses of their kind.- Those lovely doe eyes of hers were gleaming above her chubby cheeks that curved like ocean waves whenever she smiled at me, like a rhythmic sonata so enchanting that the singer's voice caused the instruments to bend and reform and curve with mirth and ecstasy, bringing dead wood instruments into life.-- Random switches between tenses:- … As my husband used his magic powers to erase the king and queen's memory so they forget what happened.- He locked himself alone with the boy in the room for he didn't want anyone, even me, to see how he will resurrect the prince.- I swallowed my shriek so she does not sense my fear.- It was this very moment when I first notice that we have become rivals, not mother and daughter.-- The painful attempts to be cool/hip/modern:Snow White, standing in the middle of the castle hall with blood dripping from her lips, but still looking as innocent as a white dove, as if she just overdosed on red cherry-flavored ice cream––we didn't have that in the 18th century but you get what I mean.Errrrrm.I rolled my eyes and omitted a smile. That must have been the demonic part in me that wanted to smile at my daughter biting a boy she thinks is yummy. Don't we all girlies like to do that from time to time?UHHH. No … we don't … ?And even worse ...I knew my daughter would grow up to be a kick-ass girl one day, but right now she was still a baby––and yes, the Queen of Sorrow says kick ass and stuff like that. Because guess what? I am immortal, and I have seen everything from Brothers Grimm to Lady Gaga. You feelin' me?Just … no. No. No.The final word:I think there was potential in the idea here, but the execution was quite bad in my opinion. This could have used some serious proofreading and editing, because there were a lot of mistakes and just really poorly-constructed and confusing sentences. Note, I may not have read the most up-to-date version of the story, and maybe there is a more recent version where some of the mistakes were fixed … but what I read was pretty messy. However, I may give the other stories a chance just because they're so short, and I may try the Grimm Diaries books with the hope that they've gone through more editing. ~ Flying Kick-a-pow! Reviews ~