Snowscape (Chaos Walking, #3.5) - Patrick Ness Attention Chaos Walking fans! You can read this story as well as "The New World" and "The Wide Wide Sea" by going here! Or see message 15 in the comments below (in fact, that would probably be the better option because it's faster, haha).Note: If you haven't read the whole trilogy yet, this story is best read after Monsters of Men. … And by that I mean, trust me, do not read this unless you've read Monsters of Men. Or you will like, spontaneously combust or something.Well, all I can say is … My little fangirl heart was not prepared for this story. I was just reading along and suddenly:THE ENDING. OH DEAR LORD.But I'll put that aside for a moment and try to just talk about the short story itself. The ending definitely made my day (well, and my life pretty much), but I don't want to ignore the fact that the rest of the story is amazing as well.First of all, we get to see some beloved old characters––Lee and Wilf! SQUEEEE! YES YES YES.I thought it was really cool to get Lee's point of view. He's a cool character and I always kind of wanted to know more about him. So … I loved getting his perspective so much. And what was so awesome about it––besides it being Lee––was this idea of him being blind, but using other people's Noise in order to see.That. Is. So. Cool. Patrick Ness you freakin' genius, stop being so awesome. Just stop. (Haha just kidding don't stop, I love you.)And then there was the monster in this story … the Snowscape. Holy hell, I was terrified of that thing, biting everyone's heads off and all. Yikes.But it's not just a two-dimensional evil creature, either. I won't spoil it––but I'll just say, there's actually quite a terrible and sad story behind the existence of this monster. And dang, it's not what I expected. Patrick Ness, your creativity always amazes me.Okay, and now I have to address the ending because it's killing me. ;ALKDSJF;LSKJF;LSKJDFKLJSGHGHAK;FKLSDFJAL;SKDJF;LKAJSSSSSSGAKHGJLSAHGJHLSJGHLKJDFSKLA;GHAKD;GKJAS;LGJLS;DJFLSJD;FAJSDF;KGHAHDGJHSLAJHGJDKSHFKSJD;GAEOIGENG;AK;JFKAEJFH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Haha okay I think that about covers it.Just kidding. But really, though. I just … can't contain myself. I don't even know what to say.When Viola suddenly showed up I was just like:;AKDJF;SJD!!!!!!!And then there was a split second when it seemed like she was about to say Todd had died. And I was just like OH GOD NOOOO NOOO DON'T DO THIS TO ME. I CAN'T TAKE IT.And then … then she says … TODD IS AWAKE. TODD. IS. AWAKE. OH MY GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD. WHAAAAAAAAT.I just had like a total meltdown, and was just sitting there squealing with tears in my eyes. And my sister was like, "Brigid what is the matter with you?" Ah hahahaha. It was just … too much. Too many feels.I mean, since I finished Monsters of Men I always believed that Todd didn't really die and that he would come back at some point. But still … it was just so amazing to have that closure, to know for a fact that he is alive. It's just … GAHH I'M SO HAPPY. It kills me that it just ended there, though. Mannn I wanted to see Todd again. I miss him so damn much. But I guess you can't have your cake and eat it too, eh? Haha oh well. I mean, that ending was still all I could have asked her. AHHH I just wish there was more. But yeah. It was amazing.For those who didn't read the spoiler––there is one killer ending. OMG.So yeah, okay. This was utterly fantastic and I loved it and it gave me all the feels. The end. Oh yeah, also this happened:OMG PATRICK NESS ACKNOWLEDGED MY EXISTENCE. WE ARE PRACTICALLY BEST FRIENDS NOW, RIGHT??????