The Isle of Blood - Rick Yancey I'm probably going to rush somewhat through this review. First of all, I have a much longer review to do and I want to get to that. Secondly, I've already reviewed the first two books and I don't have many different things to say about this one ... (Um, also I read the second and third ones so close together that I'm kind of getting them mixed up, but I'LL TRY NOT TO.)Anyway. This book is fantastic, just like the two books before it. (I'm also quite surprised that this has less than 600 ratings and only about 120 reviews ... Where are all the people who should be reading this? Off reading Fifty Shades of Grey?) So, the Isle of Blood, like the other books in the series, is full of lots of excitement and bloodshed and horror. Yay! People get made into nests, get torn apart and have their guts rain from the sky ... you know, stuff like that. Pretty cool. But, as usual, my favorite thing was the Will/Warthrop relationship. Like psh, who cares there's barely any romance in this series because ... it's just such an amazing friendship. They're totally my favorite fictional friendship besides Sherlock/John.Speaking of which, Arthur Conan Doyle himself appeared as a character in this book... WHAAAT.I guess Rick Yancey realized the similarities between Warthrop and Sherlock Holmes. Haha. So yeah, I was immensely pleased by that. BUT ANYWAY, back to the Will/Warthrop feels. Because man were they especially heart-wrenching in this book. I could barely take it. It was just like:I mean first of all, you have the part at the beginning where Will nearly dies––and Warthrop is all beaten up about it and begging him not to die, and saying Will is the only thing that keeps him human ... Just ...And then there's the part where Warthrop leaves Will behind because he doesn't want him to get hurt again. And Will is all sad and depressed without him and it's just like:And then later on they're reunited at last! And Warthrop kind of implied that he actually freaking DELIVERED WILL WHEN HE WAS BORN. Okay okay I'm sorry, I'll stop now. So I guess I'm pretty much done now. This book (and the whole series so far) is equally terrifying and moving. The characters are terrific and I love them so much. Just ... everything about this series is wonderful and it's one of the best things I've read in ages. Can't wait for the next one. And PLEASE can some other people read these, because I'm tired of being the only one. THANKS!