The Son of Neptune - Rick Riordan Before reading Son of NeptuneI WANT THIS BOOK SO BADLY. AAHHHHH. Okay. If you are reading this and you haven't read the Percy Jackson & the Olympian series, or The Lost Hero, or the Kane Chronicles ... go read them. Now. Read them all. READ THEM, I TELL YOU. Especially because I might spoil some things as I rant about this book. And also because they're all amazing. Rick Riordan, I worship you. ... Yes, even though these books are most likely aimed at 12-year-old boys and I'm an 18-year-old girl. I don't care. They're amazing.So yeah! I am dying to read Son of Neptune. GAHHHH I have missed Percy ever so much. I want him back. When he wasn't in the first book at all, I threw it across the room. But don't get me wrong, I loved it. I JUST WANT PERCY.Well, I haven't read this yet so there's not much to say review-wise. I can only judge it by the cover and by the Chapter One excerpt which is floating around on the internet. (Just Google "son of neptune first chapter" and you'll find it.)Cover: AAHHHH KICKASS! *looks more closely* IS THAT PERCY? THAT'S PERCY! Well duh, the book is called Son of Neptune. So he has to be in it. *looks even more closely* Wait, what the hell is up with his face? He looks like a monkey man. PERCY IS NOT A MONKEY. Oh well ... I'll forgive. Also, why does he have a giant gold bird? And why is he in Antarctica? WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE? This is just killing me, man.First chapter: AAHHHHH PERCY PERCY PERCY. PERCY IS BACK. And he doesn't remember anything! This is terrible. ... Except, HE REMEMBERS ANNABETH. YESSSS. *SOBS* YOU'D BETTER NOT FORGET ANNABETH, PERCY. OR I'LL KILL YOU. I'LL HUNT YOU DOWN AND STRANGLE YOU UNTIL YOU REMEMBER, YOU DIMWIT. Haha ... the gorgons. "Hello, my name is DIE YOU DEMIGOD SCUM!" Oh, Rick Riordan. You make me laugh. I love you. AHHHH that excerpt was not long enough. I object. I want this book NOWWWW DAMMIT. .... Well, that's all I've got to say for now. You'll have to wait until October for the rest.After reading Son of Neptune:How many stars do I give this book, do you ask? THIS MANY:A WHOLE GALAXY OF STARS! ALL THE STARS IN THE SKYYYY!Okay, that's an exaggeration, I suppose. And no, this book isn't perfect. But it made me really, really, really happy. So that's enough for me. I won't go into much detail about the plot, since if you're reading this review you've probably read the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series and probably The Lost Hero as well … Sooo you probably have at least the basic idea.Basically, we get Percy back. (YAAAAAAAY!) In this book, he has lost his memory and then stumbles upon a camp similar to Camp Half-Blood, only dedicated to the Roman gods (instead of the Greek gods). At this camp, he soon befriends Frank and Hazel––two lovely additions to the cast of characters––who are both kids with pretty screwed up lives. I won't spoil anything, but let's just say they have both lost their mortal mothers (and both have immortal fathers) and both have terrible curses. They also obviously like each other but don't want to admit it; nor do they want to tell each other about their curses. The trio ends up going on a quest to rescue Death, and … awesomeness ensues.First and foremost, I want to say that I was infinitely happy to have Percy come back into the story again. When he didn't make a single appearance in The Lost Hero, I finished the book and looked like this girl:So when I first read the excerpt and discovered that Percy was one of the main characters, I was SUPER EXCITED. Now, I know what we were all nervous about. (This is going to involve spoilers for The Lost Hero. So if you haven't read it, just go away.) We all know that horrible cliffhanger at the end of The Lost Hero, informing us in the LAST FREAKING SENTENCE that Percy doesn't remember who he is anymore. And that means, a billion fangirls across the world instantly said, "OMIGOD HE FORGETS ANNABETH?!" And burst into tears. I was one of them.If that was the case, I would have been seriously pissed off. Seeing as Jason also lost his memory and (mostly) forgot both his girlfriends … It seemed like a reasonable fear. However, on page 4 of Son of Neptune:The city had some connection to Annabeth––the only person he could remember from his past.THANK GOOOOODDDD!!!!I can assure you, ye fellow rabid Percabeth fans … Rick Riordan is smart enough to realize he shouldn't mess with that. Percy remembers Annabeth well enough that he knows not to go around snogging other hot girls. (I don't think I've ever used the word "snogging" before.) But anyway, you get the point. There was nothing to worry about there.But anyway, back to Percy in general. It is just fabulous to have him back again. It was interesting to see him in this new situation where he's the expert on everything rather than being the clueless one like he was at the beginning of The Lightning Thief. AWW HE'S GROWN UP SO MUCH. *sobs* He pretty much spends the whole book kicking ass … which is kind of unrealistic I guess, and I kinda miss him being clueless, but oh well. It's cool with me.As for the new characters, they're awesome. Frank and Hazel are very well-developed and so is their relationship. They have unique and intriguing backstories. Plus they make an adorable couple. :)(Okay, kind of side note but there's one little thing that bothers me. It seems like Rick Riordan always pairs up characters who are minorities … That is, he creates biracial couples, but it's never a white person and a minority together. I mean, I'm happy that his characters come from all different kinds of backgrounds, and that he's not too "in your face" about it like a lot of authors are. But I don't know, I just find it a bit weird.)The plot is the typical Riordan plot––everyone goes on a crazy quest where they encounter various mythological beings/gods/creatures along the way. It's pretty much what you expect, except Frank and Hazel's flashbacks give it a slightly darker tone than the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series. But, even with the darker elements thrown in, the usual humor is still there. (See quotes below.) Rick Riordan's humorous tone never fails to make me grin my head off.So anyway, despite my love for this book … now comes the slightly more critical part. My few issues with this book:A) It's kind of obvious that the whole Roman thing didn't occur to Rick Riordan until after he'd written the Percy Jackson series. And as much as he tries to explain it, it still doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. It's weird that they just never talked about Camp Jupiter at Camp Half-Blood at all. Also, I still have trouble understanding how the Greek gods are also Roman gods … Like, they're the same … but they're not. I don't get it. So do they have multiple personality disorder or something?B) I think Riordan might have messed up the timeline a bit. When I was reading The Lost Hero I was under the impression that a couple of years had gone by––although maybe I made this up entirely. I seem to recall at the beginning of The Lost Hero, when Jason met Annabeth, he observed that she appeared to be a couple of years older than him––and he was 16. Since Annabeth and Percy were both 16 at the end of the first series, I assumed this meant that they were like 18 or so now. But then at the beginning of Son of Neptune Percy mentions that he's still 16 … and at the end of the book we're told that only two months have gone by. Yeahhh. I'm confused too. I guess Annabeth is just older-looking than she really is? C) Okay, this one is a spoiler.I'm still confused as to why Nico pretends not to know who Percy is. At first I thought Nico had lost his memory, too. But then I was like, "Wait? He doesn't? What? WHAT? My BRAAAIIIN."D) I understand that these are kids' books and all, but sometimes the lack of random-civilian death is pretty unrealistic. Like at one point in this book, there's a part where a train is described as going "toppling" off the tracks … And then Riordan tells us that no one on the train was injured one bit. I don't understand why he can't just kill off a few people for the sake of making it seem more realistic. I mean, he didn't have a problem with killing off lots of random campers in the fifth Percy Jackson book. It would just be like, "During the battle, several kids had died." So … ?All right, that's pretty much all the major criticisms I have. Also I just wanted to say, I liked this more than The Lost Hero (which I still loved, but not as much). My one major problem with The Lost Hero was that I didn't feel much of a connection to Jason. Since he didn't have a past, it was hard to like him as a character. He was just like, "I'm so kickass and I don't know why!" Whereas, although Percy also loses his memory, the reader still knows everything that happened to him, so his kickassery is more acceptable. Over all, I thought this book is wonderful. If you are a Percy Jackson and/or mythology geek like me, I think you will be pleased with it.Oh, and did I mention I MET RICK RIORDAN LAST WEEK?CRAZINESS, MANNNN!He happened to have a book signing at the Barnes & Noble near my hometown … and I happened to be home last weekend so it all worked out. IT WAS MEANT TO BEEEE! So, my friend and my sisters decided to go. (I mean … WHY WOULDN'T WE?!) And we get there … to find out we have to wait in a line that looked like this:Sorry, my iPod takes shitty photos, but I think you get the basic idea. Also, that's not really a single line. It's a line that snakes around about four or five times––maybe more. And that's just the line behind the bookstore. Once you got to the front of the store you had to wait in THIS line:Long story short, there were 2,000 people in that line. TWO FREAKING THOUSAND!!!! And we had to wait in that line for approximately two and a half hours. But, it was SO TOTALLY WORTH IT. When we finally got inside I was like, about to pee myself with excitement. I mean, Rick Riordan was RIGHT THERE.My friend and I were both like…AAHHHH!!!!!!!Obviously since there were a billion people there, the line was moving really fast and I didn't get a chance to talk to Rick for very long. Our conversation went something like this:Rick: Hi! Me: Hi! Rick: How are you? Me: Good, how are you? Rick: Great! *signs my books* Me: Thanks! It's so cool to meet you! Rick: You too! Me: *Leaves*DID YOU HEAR THAT? RICK RIORDAN INDIRECTLY SAID IT WAS COOL TO MEET ME.Okay I'll stop now. Gifs are too dang addicting.But seriously. That 2-second conversation totally made my life.Also, there were all these adorable posters there drawn by little kids. This one was my favorite:Totally … DUH!!!! (I'll excuse the kid for spelling Rick Riordan's name wrong.) Anyway, I am SO SO SO SO SO excited for the next book, The Mark of Athena. After finishing this one I'm fairly sure Annabeth is going to be the main character in the next one. And well, the title kind of confirms that. And she's my favorite character so … I just wish it would come out RIGHT NOW. But I suppose I'll have to wait a year.Well, thus ends my ranting. :) Hope you enjoyed it.UPDATE: I just found this thing on Tumblr that was too funny not to post. Ah hahahaha.