Bruiser - Neal Shusterman GAHHH. GAHH. THIS BOOK IS GORGEOUSSS. I WANT TO EAT IT. I LOVE IT TO SHREDS. Seriously, I don't think Neal Shusterman's genius will ever fail to amaze me. He is too awesome for words. It's not fair. Well, okay––Unwind is still my favorite. Everlost and Everwild are pretty hard to beat, too. But Bruiser is also very very amazing.I don't really want to say what it's about, since part of its magic is in finding out Bruiser's secret on your own. But I can tell ya, this book––like all of Shusterman's books––is highly original. I absolutely adore the premise, and Shusterman executes it perfectly. His writing is amazing, his characters are realistic and likable … Basically, this is the kind of book that will keep you thinking for days afterward.LOVE IT. READ IT NOW.