Candy - Kevin Brooks GAAAAAAHHH!!! I feel like I have so much to say about this book, yet I can't say enough, which just shows how much I loved it. I have only read two Kevin Brooks books now––Candy and Lucas––but he has already become one of my favorite authors. He has a great tone in his books. The narration feels very real and very sincere. I'm hanging onto every word. His characters are so real and have so much depth. Joe was a great main character, loooved him. And Candy … gahhh. Like, yeah she is a prostitute and a heroin addict, and I cannot relate to either situation, and as a reader you don't even know that much about her. Yet, Brooks has a way of dragging the reader into her world, making you think, What if that was me or someone I know? Just a normal teenager who ended up in so much trouble like that? It's kinda scary. You'd like to think "Oh that could never happen" but crazy/scary stuff does happen, and it can happen to just about anybody. And you can't help but feel bad for Candy, especially when she's going through all that drug withdrawal. Gawwwwddd if that doesn't scare you out of taking drugs, I don't know what will.And over all, the whole thing was just wicked intense. Like Iggy … man was he the scariest character EVER. I was so terrified of him, and to know that there are real people like that out in the world … *shudders* *goes to check under bed* *comes back after a thorough investigation* Okay, no creepy drug dealer/pimps under my bed. Yay! I liked the ending too. Like, the whole time I was thinking something really really horrible was going to happen, and yeah the end was still really depressing but it was slightly more hopeful than I thought. It was definitely a good, realistic ending. Not that sort of tie-everything-up-with-a-pretty-pink-bow ending, but not an EVERYBODY-DIES ending either. Anyway, good stuff. I love it. Kevin Brooks is the awesomesauciest and I plan to read, like, all his stuff. :)