Clockwork Angel - Cassandra Clare *Tries to speak and fails* *Pauses* *Tries to speak again … and fails again* I really don't know where to start. This book … it was … AAAHHHH!!!! There is no word to express its awesomeness. I just read it for six hours straight without putting it down. What a page-turner!Okay okay okay *Calms down a little* I will try to break this down.So, I'm a huuuuge Mortal Instruments fan. Love the series to death. Read it three times. Thus, I saw two possibilities for Infernal Devices. A) I was afraid it would be a disappointing repeat of Mortal Instruments, just in a different time period and with different characters. B) On the other hand, I love Cassie Clare and I trusted her to come up with something good.As it turned out, there was no need to worry. This book was FEPIC ("cool kid" speak translating to "F***ing Epic"). Like all the Mortal Instruments books, this book left me feeling shocked and astounded. Loved it!Let's evaluate the characters first. First of all, Tessa. I was nervous that she would just be another Clary (boring main character of Mortal Instruments), but like the "book smart" version. But I like her a LOT more than Clary. Do I love her? Not really. But at least she has a bit of an attitude which Clary lacks. Next … HENRY!!!! I LOVE HIM. OH MY GOD. He is so adorable and awkward and awesome and hilarious! Charlotte, also really cool. Jessamine––eh. Except I loved her demon-slashing parasol. Pretty fepic.I HATE NATE (conveniently, that rhymes).*Takes a deep breath* Will and Jem. Jem and Will. I LOVE THEM BOTH. I can't choose a "team" on this one yet. My guess is that Tessa will end up with Will. The girl almost always goes for the badass. Plus, she seemed to like him more than she liked Jem, and vice versa. That is, more than she and Jem like each other. Jem and Will don't like each other (as far as I know, lol). I love how Will is one of Jace's ancestors and he is quite Jace-like except more … British! SEXY. Love his whole backstory, how he left his parents to join the Shadowhunters and all, for some mysterious reason; how he has that whole hilarious-but-kind-of-an-asshole quality that Jace has; the whole weird thing where he lies about going out and getting drunk, etc. Very interesting. HMMMM. Now, Jem. HE IS SO BADASS. But, you know, in a––errr––nicer way, I guess? His backstory is amazing. It like scarred me for life. SO GENIUS. I thought the whole idea about his "disease" was one of the coolest ideas in the book, very original and interesting. Except, that means he has to die! D: NOOOOO THEY MUST FIND A WAY TO FIX HIM. HE'S TOO AMAZING TO DIE. He's such a noble person, choosing to die slowly but addicted to demon-juice! Errr … yeah. If you've read it you know what I mean. Plus he is half-Asian AND British. MY DREAM MAN COME TRUE.