The Ask and the Answer  - Patrick Ness ALKDJALHDGIEAHIGEHJWIOA!!! O_O PATRICK NESS, I HATE YOUR GUTS!!!! Just kidding. I love you. I just wish that you didn't have such evil cliff-hanger endings. And now I have to wait for the next book, dying to know what happens. This sucks.BUT omifreakinggod these books are AMAZINGGG. I should try to get more people to read them, because I seem to be the only one reading them. As for those of you poor souls who have not read it, I suggest you do so straightaway.I know they look pretty dumb and/or bizarre – and I admit, when I picked up the first one (The Knife of Never Letting Go) I just thought it was going to be okay, not great. But by the time I was halfway through it I was totally hooked. And The Ask and the Answer was just as compelling and shocking as the first book. While the story seems to be a bit of a cliché (future, space colonies, aliens, mind control, blah blah) it somehow seems really original. Patrick Ness's writing is very raw – it's pretty amazing how he can say so much with so few words. I always feel what the characters are feeling very strongly. And on the subject of the characters I LOVE THEM!!! AHHHH Todd and Viola