Fire and Ash - Jonathan Maberry Update (8/13/13): WAIT WHAT. WHY DIDN'T ANYONE TELL ME THE RELEASE DATE OF THIS BOOK WAS CHANGED?! I THOUGHT IT WASN'T SUPPOSED TO COME OUT UNTIL SEPTEMBER AND I JUST FOUND OUT IT CAME OUT TODAY?!?!?! AAHHH. Well ... now I just have to get my hands on it. ... I also didn't know it was the LAST BOOK IN THE SERIES. WHAT.Ah-hem, anyway. Sorry for all that. I'm just excited, is all.----------------------Update (4/21/13): OOHHH it has a cover! Awesome. Looks intense.----------------------*TABLE FLIP*I WANT THIS BOOOOOOOOK.And I have to wait until SEPTEMBER.Man, I have to wait until September for like every book in every series. It's killing me. Just ... why. WHYYYY.