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Hi people! I'm Brigid, a college student and lover of all things book-related--writing them, reading them, reviewing them, biting them ... Yeah. I mostly read YA but I'm open to pretty much everything.

WORLD AFTER by Susan Ee is available for pre-order at $1.99 today!

I don't know about you guys, but I'm a huge fan of ANGELFALL by Susan Ee and I've been dying for the sequel, WORLD AFTER, to come out. It still won't be coming out until November, but you can pre-order the Kindle edition for $1.99 today, which is a pretty sweet deal. The Kindle edition of ANGELFALL is also on sale today for $1.99.


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World After

Someone likes my books...
Someone likes my books...

Question about number of books...? Anyone, anyone?

Sooo over the past few days, all of my books from Goodreads have been importing, but it still says on my profile that I have 0 books. Does it only count the number of books you have when they're all done importing? Just wondering.

Just a little note

Errm so, currently all my reviews are being imported from Goodreads. So yeah, a couple of things:


1) The formatting is a little wacked, because it's taking out all the images, paragraph breaks, and other HTML things I may have used on Goodreads. So, I apologize if a bunch of my reviews are a jumbled mess. Maybe I can fix some of them...? I will try and see.


2) It seems to mostly be importing older reviews first ... and a lot of these reviews are from like 5 years ago when I was basically an idiot and never bothered to capitalize my sentences or anything like that. So UHHH yeah. Just. Don't even look at those.


That's allll!

Hi everyone!

So, I've just joined this site and it's looking pretty cool to me, kind of like a cross between Tumblr and Goodreads. I like it.


I've been a very devoted follower of Goodreads for the past 5+ years, and it has changed my life in a lot of positive ways. (I'm Brigid *Flying kick-a-pow!* on Goodreads, by the way.) I haven't really tried any other review-blogging platforms (besides Tumblr) but BookLikes is looking pretty promising.


I heard of this site because of the recent controversy on Goodreads concerning shelf names and so called "author-bashing." (Don't even get me started.) Even though all these shenanigans haven't affected any of my reviews (yet), I'm not cool with the way so many people's shelves/reviews have been deleted without any explanation. Furthermore, I believe reviewers have a right to blacklist authors who act like douchebags and warn other reviewers of such behavior. Having seen cases in which authors have completely gone off the handle on innocent reviewers, called them bullies, given out their personal information, given them threatening phone calls, told them to kill themselves and other such disgusting comments ... yeah, I think reviewers have a right to warn others away from people like that; it's not done without reason or in mean spirits as a lot of people seem to think, but for the sake of saving others from harassment.


The point is, a lot of people are leaving Goodreads over this whole thing, and I've been told many are migrating over here to BookLikes. Even though I don't intend to abandon Goodreads, I did want to have an account on here so I can catch up with any reviewers/friends who are choosing to leave Goodreads. And even though I do love a lot of things about Goodreads, I would like to find a reviewing platform that doesn't have such a hostile "authors vs. reviewers" thing going on, so hopefully I can find that here.


Anyway, that was a lot longer than I intended. The point is, this seems like a cool place and I look forward to posting reviews on here!

True Grit - Charles Portis Haha I didn't know this was originally a book. Anyway, I was assigned to read the first couple of chapters of this for a class, and I thought it was cool (plus I liked the movie so yeah), so I'm interested in reading the rest of it!
The Name of the Wind - Patrick Rothfuss So, a couple of my friends have recommended this to me and it sounds really cool. (Plus I just noticed it has a ridiculously high average rating. Dang.) I will have to give it a shot!
The Chaos of Stars - Kiersten White Initial reaction: Sadly, I was disappointed by this. I really wanted to like it because a) it has a gorgeous cover and an awesome title, b) it involved both Egyptian and Greek mythology, and I'm a huge mythology nerd. But ... I found there was too much focus on the romance, and over all I found the story to be a bit dull and predictable. So, unfortunately I was not a fan.~ Full review coming soon! ~
Ender's Game (Ender's Saga, #1) - Orson Scott Card Ehhh I was not crazy about this one, unfortunately. I liked parts of the concept, but I never felt much of a connection to the characters and I felt like the plot dragged a lot. Plus there were a lot of other little things that bothered me. Full review coming soon!
Learning To Love - Lauren Pippa No thanks. (See comment below if you care to know more.)
Untitled (All Our Yesterdays #2) - Cristin Terrill Wait, what? Sequel? Uggggh noooooo. I liked the first book alone as it was, damn it. But I'll probably read this anyway. I just don't understand why everything has to be a series. GUGGHGHKGAD;KG.
All Our Yesterdays - Cristin Terrill Well, this is basically me right now:Maybe it's because I just drank a ton of coffee and that multiplies all my emotions by like a million, but ... holy crap, I actually started crying when I got to the end. And I was just like, way more invested in this book than I thought I would be.I would give it five stars, except there are still some things I'm pretty confused about. (Time travel just confuses the shit out of me.) Also I had some other minor problems with it. But, over all I thought this was really, really good and I think this is a book you should all look out for. ~Full review coming soon!~
Inhuman - Kat Falls Well, NetGalley is giving away ARCs of this one for free, so ... sure, why not? Sounds pretty crazy. Also ... is it just me, or does the cover look an awful lot like the [b:Divergent|13335037|Divergent (Divergent, #1)|Veronica Roth||13155899] covers?
Fablehaven - Brandon Mull 2.5 StarsI thought this was okay, but I wasn't a big fan. I don't really read middle grade books though, so maybe I just didn't relate to it.~Review coming soon!~
The Forsaken - Lisa M. Stasse I'm torn about whether or not to read this. The cover is gorgeous and the summary sounds so promising ... yet I'm seeing a lot of negative reviews. So, acck! I don't know, maybe I'll just stare at the cover but not actually read it.

The Sword in the Stone (Collins Modern Classics)

The Sword in the Stone - T.H. White 3.5 StarsI don't know if I'll really be reviewing this or whether I'll just review The Once and Future King as a whole. So ... we'll see.

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